Changing tables are where K. Marie zip-saddle rompers shine. Baby clothing for everyday wear with a zip saddle for ease of use.

K. Marie & company

Zip-Saddle rompers

Born out of necessity, K. Marie Rompers are a refined solution to a practical problem.


stretch rayon

Stretch rayon is comfortable, soft, and durable. This is for a baby, after all. 


Classy & functional

You like it when your baby looks good. You like it more when your baby feels good.

K. Marie Guarantee

We want you to love your decision to put your baby in a K. Marie Romper. We understand we’re not selling you an article of clothing; we’re selling peace of mind, comfort, and convenience. If you are unsatisfied with your romper in any way return it unused and unwashed within 30 days for a full refund.


Zip Saddle

The zip saddle makes changing your baby almost enjoyable.


Top or bottom

The romper comes off the top or the bottom of your baby for those times when that matters.

We want to hear from you

We love making babies feel loved and cuddled at all times. Please review our products and let us know how we are doing!



About Us

Happy Customers

"Ben put him in it last night for the first time... I sincerely think it was his best nights rest!!"


Real Mom

“Well, these are adorable, and so soft! Dan wouldn't even put him down for a photo."


Real Mom

“The material is super soft and stretchy, but the best part is the zipper!"


Real Mom

"I had the chance to use this romper when I babysat my granddaughter. The material was so soft and I thought the zipper was brilliant for diaper changes. Why didn’t someone do this when my kids were little?"


Real Grandma

"Rue threw up all over them last night... So we had to wash them. Washed great though!"


Real Dad

"Bought a romper for my niece. OH MY they loved it!"


Real Aunt

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